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Monday, January 25, 2010

Best Buy

So my Best Buy situation has not gotten any better, I was just told today that they did in fact lose my hard drive that was suppose to be sent to have the data extracted from it. SO due to the fact that I will more then likely be pursuing this matter in court I can no longer comment on what I think of them until there is a conclusion..
So cross your fingers and wish me luck!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Being Heidi

Well heck where do I begin?
So much I want to talk about ... Let's just start with " Being Heidi" are you kidding me with this crap?
Heidi Montag Pratt what ever her name is . Really 10 procedures in 1 day? Can anyone say" Trying to stay famous?" I mean really, I can't help but watch her ever changing looks but when is enough enough?
What she needs to consider is that when ever she does reproduce the kid is going to look nothing like her. No one will be able to say " Oh she has your nose, your eyes or your chin to her" I mean they will if she gets her kid plastic surgery to match.
I really think it is all a ploy to stay on television. Don't award winning journalists have anyone more suitable to interview or talk about. Why give someone with so little self esteem anymore attention. She obviously has none if she keeps changing her face and body.
Don't get me wrong although amusing and some what entertaining it is gross. Did she not learn anything from Micheal Jackson. Eventually your face can't take it anymore....

Not to mention she is so self promoting it is sick . Especially at the cost of your own health..
Some network (VH1) needs to consider a new show.
They already have Celebrity Rehab for drug addicts and sex addicts.
What about Celebrity Plastic Surgery Rehab? It truly has to be an illness.
I wish her luck with finding the face and body she sees in the mirror. Can't wait for the childrens toy version of this madness.
Oh wait we have that already " Mr. Potato Head"
LOL I crack myself up!!!!!!
"Is this thing on?"

OK really, on a more serious note. I don't think plastic surgery is bad .I think it is good. We all have little things that we think need a bit of improvement.
And after all look at the amazing jobs surgeons do to children born with Cleft Palate. I just wish more people would consider the consequences to their actions. Not every surgery turns out as you hope .

Well I will once again step down off of my soap box and go on with my day until something else drives me nuts that is!
Have a great day all and stay dry California we are in for another wet one!

Also keep Haiti in your prayers....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Off and running with a New Year!!

Wow, can't believe it is already 2010! Well off and running with some resolutions. Hopefully I can stick with them this year. Just stopping by so I don't forget my password. lol Will be back sooner then later.
Happy New Year to you all.....
Better late then never ... ha ha