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Monday, December 14, 2009

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Tiger Woods

I am not sure about anyone else, but I just have to say I am sooooo over hearing about cheating Tiger Woods. I mean really. We have very few days left until Christmas. Including today we only have 10 shopping days left.
I would much rather tune into my favorite morning television shows for shopping, decorating and Holiday recipes. Not the latest on someone who does not deserve so much press. It makes me sad that each of my favorite shows this morning dedicated so much time to talking about Tiger and his poor, poor family.....
What about the families who have loved ones protecting our country or dedicating their lives in positive matters.
I understand we are a society that is so consumed with being able to watch a celebrities daily lives, but come on already. But when is enough enough already?
Sorry I just felt the need to hop up on my soap box and get it out...

So I am vowing to make the change for me , one person at a time. I am not going to listen to or watch anything that has to do with that topic anymore. If it comes on I am turning the channel. Hmm maybe I will shoot my favorite shows an email and share my opinion.. Uhh maybe not.. Would much rather spend the rest of my day getting ready for Christmas!!!! Woo Hoo to that!!

Happy Holidays all.... Good luck with the rest of your shopping...

How to Actualy Make Money Doing Online Surveys

How to Actualy Make Money Doing Online Surveys

Not only here to talk about Best Buy

SO it just dawned on me that although fun for me, I did not create my Blog to talk about Best Buy. Yes they are surely a thorn in my side at the moment.

I am also here for so much more. I write on an amazing site called EHOW!!
LOve it! It is the best!
You can share knowledge and find out just about anything. I love reading all of the great parenting tips as well as checking out new recipes. The best part.... If you sign up for their writers compensation program you get paid to share what you know. For me it has been an amazing experience so far. I am an aspiring writer and it gives me a chance to flex my writing muscles and ask those who are now where I would like to be for advice on writing , publishing and so much more.
Check it out if you get the chance. I am certain that you will find something there that interests you. And if you sign up to become a member add me as a friend and I will be more then happy to check out your articles.

Look at the bottom of this Blog and you will find my link to

Check back soon... I have some great Christmas gift finds that I am excited to share....

Thanks for reading!!!!

Live your life to the fullest and be true to yourself all while loving those who surround you....

HAppy HAppy HolIdays!!!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The story continues... Best Buy , Best yeah right...

So where did I leave off ? Oh yeah no one in to fix my MAC. Or no one that feels comfortable opening one up rather...

So I left my beautiful year old MAC in the trusted hands of the Geek Squad... That was Saturday morning that I was told it would be sent out and someone would contact me about getting it to the lab if the hard drive was in fact bad. I was told that nothing would be lost. All they would have to do is send it to the lab.. ( They kept saying lab like it was some magical place)
Well I did in deed get a call the very next day. From a young lady who told me that my hard drive was bad and that they needed to send it out and would have someone call me as soon as they know how much the hard drive back up would be.
Shoot I almost forgot, the original guy that took it in charged me $99.99 to do a back up. I asked him why I was being charged if he was pretty certain that they could not do any backing up or repairs on site? And I asked why I would have to pay for anything when I paid for the extended warranty?
Well he told me that it was standard..
HMMM? I guess standard means we want your money..

So any how the young lady who was not part of the Geek Squad told me that someone would be getting back to me and she assured me that my MAC would be sent out within the next 2 days.

I asked her if I could speak to someone in the Geek Squad and she told be they were to busy to take my call and that is why she was calling me for them. I the asked her for the managers name which she gave me and asked if he was in. She told me he was not and that I could speak to any of the managers on duty if I would like..
I told her no thanks and asked when the manager, the General manager would be in next that I would like to speak to him.....
Well the young lady who was growing very impatient with me told me that she had no idea when he would be in , I asked if they had a schedule posted that she could check and she told me
" No, they don't tell us when our manger will be here"
I don't know about any of you , but I have never heard of anything like that . I was a retail manager for 5 years and trust me, my employees knew my schedule... But who knows maybe this is some new fancy high tech way of running a multi-billion dollar company.....

Well I took matters into my own hands after feeling like I was getting no where super fast with this young Best Buy Employee..
The very next day I spent 1 and a half hours of my life on the phone with Best Buy customer service. Those minutes ticked by and I will never get them back..
I had the very unpleasant experience of speaking to someone that really hated their job.
I was told that Best Buy would not do anything for me in terms of my hard drive recovery. He now called it a recovery and not a back up.
So what did I pay the $99.99 for days earlier then?
Well after a going no where fast conversation I decided to ask the gentlemen, and I use the term gentlemen loosely..

After going round and round about what Best Buy would not do for me I asked him what they WOULD do for me? He very simply told me that they would do nothing, not a thing, I would have to wait for the Geek Squad to call me when they had my MAC and information on the recovery.
Well as you could probably guess I was not satisfied with that answer... So I continued by asking him what Best Buys " Mission Statement " was. I wanted to know their goal was as a company and what they decided their role should be...
It took that man 35 minutes to find what I found by simply googling it in 2 minutes. So while sitting on hold waiting for him to find what I was already ready I had my plan of attack ready.
I might seem bitter, but please don't confuse this with me wanting the knowledge of what this company is meant to stand for..

I have to tend to my cute little monster... Check back for the outcome ( of the conversation lets call it
" 1st call to customer service"
Be back soon