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Friday, September 18, 2009

Lets get this thing started already

Lets just start by saying...." Happy Friday" all.
Watching the world go by, If only I could see it through the eyes of my girls. How unreal it would be to have no worries, no cares. Feeling free in your own messy hair and dirty hands. Eww ok maybe not. I like clean hands and combed hair. Actually brushed hair, I never actually use a comb. I guess that is just another something we say that means something else. Like " Give me just a second I will be right there" or " Can you please hold just just a minute" You are never actually there in a second and if I were only on hold for a minute I would actually wait and not watch my cell phone minutes fly away never to be seen again. Any how off on a tangent.

Did I mention I love I write ow to articles there and get paid to do so. I am working towards making as much as I possibly can. I am happy to say that since I have started I have gotten paid each month. I am trying to navigate my way to the big bucks. f only all of the e-mails from foreign countries telling me that someone had left me millions were actually true. But what fun would that actually be? Working towards a goals is not so bad. I guess we all have to do it right?
Off to work towards my goal...

Love often and hug twice as much!!!!

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