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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Here we go....

As eager as Best Buy is to sell you just about anything, I have found that they are not as eager or as qualified as one might think to help you when something goes wrong.
Here's my story. Keep in mind that these are my own experiences ... Still have stuff on going with them. Go figure....
I brought in my MAC that was cover under my Best Buy extended warranty..
I was lectured to the point of tears when I was told that there was a huge chance that my hard drive had crashed and all of the information on my computer would be lost.
See I never knew that you had to "back up" anything on your computer.
When I bought the MAC I was changing from a PC. So I looked to Best Buy to properly educate me as to what all I would need for my new computer.
Not once did the guy selling me the thing suggest an External Hard Drive..
Instead he suggested some software as I take a lot of pictures of my girls and was really excited about the cool movie making features the MAC offered.
Knowing I was getting it for one of those main reasons one would think that suggesting something that could store all of my very valuable pictures and movies of my girls would be a great recommendation.
Nope..... The guy did recommend I get an Ipod because Itunes is sooo great and an Ipod is after all made for the MAC all of the software was already built in and all.
So of course I got it.
Still no recommendation for an External Hard Drive, even though you can store all of the music he just told me I could download and how I could use my newly down loaded music in the movies I make of my daughters...

Ok I am getting a little mad starting to relive it all once again...

Got my MAC home and loved it...Still do by the way!

Well one bleak sad day , my MAC got stuck on a screen that I did not recognize." Hmm I thought to myself this strange"
So I pulled out my trusty MAC instruction book and my nightmare with Best Buy began......

" Dum Dum Dum"


Sorry my 2 year old needs juice. She gets no juice and the world will no longer exsist, and I dont know about you but I just don't need that type of

Check back soon for the rest of my epic " Tragedy of Best Buy"

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