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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Best Buy Tragedy Continued...

Once I figured out that there was nothing for little old me to do I pulled out my Best Buy receipt and read over the extended warranty info and called my local Geek Squad. Of course conveniently located in the Best Buy where I made my original purchase. I packed up my MAC crossed my fingers ad hoped that they would be able to help.
Bright and early on a cool Saturday morning with my two girls in tow I carried in my MAC and my Lap top . I brought my Lap top with me because it was the reason I bought the MAC. I had brought the Lap top in the previous year because the disc drive was not working. I could not play or burn a cd. Well when I brought that in I paid $276 for nothing. They kept it for 8 days and I was told it was good to go. Got it home and nope, still not working. Not only that I was charged for them to down load all the info that was already on it. " Just in case" the guy told me. Funny, all the info is still there 1 year later.....
Any how I brought it with so they could look at it again because I was going to need to use it while my MAC was being fixed.
They guy bragged about the fact that he " wasn't going to charge me this time"
" yeah duh I thought to myself, why would you you never fixed it to begin with?"
I smiled and Thanked him for his generosity.
But the idiot let me in on an even bigger secret without even knowing it. See I guess my big toothy smile was all the encouragement he needed. AS he then felt the need to tell me what an easy fix it was.
" See all I have to do is us this flash drive to help me reactivate your driver" he smiled brightly
" See as good as new, you see this is a common problem with this model" Feeling like a superior being he beamed an all knowing smile and continued to educate me.

" Hmm ?" I said
" Let me ask you something then?" I asked him
" Sure shoot " he said still feeling superior
" Well if it is such a quick fix and as common as you say, then why did you have it for 8 days when I brought it in for the exact same problem last year?" I asked with a small grin
The bewildered look on his face spoke to me more then the words that fell out of his mouth next.
" umm well I think we had to do some diagnostic stuff to it to be certain" he answered a bit less enthusiastically then before
" Hmm " I said
" But you seem to know what the problem is this time without doing all that extra stuff, weird?" I said looking him dead in the face.
He really did not say much more after that. I continued to keep my girls from tearing the place apart as he reassured me that they would have the problem with my MAC figured out asap.
If only I had the same faith that he did, Luckily I did have my lap top to get me by while they had my lovely MAC.
Whatever faith I did have was thrown out the window with this Geeks next statement.
" Well we are going to have to send your MAC out as we don't have anyone on staff that feels comfortable enough to open it up here, see we don't actually fix computers here , we run a diagnostic on them and determine what else needs to be done."
Wow I thought, you pay all this money for an extended warranty , they lead you to believe they can fix anything when they only look at it the same way I did and say " wow we need to get this to someone that can fix it"
I guess I paid for that piece of mind then. The piece of mind that someone else will decide it needs to be fixed and they can get it there and back to you without any hassle to you..
HMMMMM that remains to be seen...

Still have an ongoing problem that needs to be resolved, Check back for the next update to the
Tragedy of Best Buy!

Dum DUm DUm


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