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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tiger Woods

I am not sure about anyone else, but I just have to say I am sooooo over hearing about cheating Tiger Woods. I mean really. We have very few days left until Christmas. Including today we only have 10 shopping days left.
I would much rather tune into my favorite morning television shows for shopping, decorating and Holiday recipes. Not the latest on someone who does not deserve so much press. It makes me sad that each of my favorite shows this morning dedicated so much time to talking about Tiger and his poor, poor family.....
What about the families who have loved ones protecting our country or dedicating their lives in positive matters.
I understand we are a society that is so consumed with being able to watch a celebrities daily lives, but come on already. But when is enough enough already?
Sorry I just felt the need to hop up on my soap box and get it out...

So I am vowing to make the change for me , one person at a time. I am not going to listen to or watch anything that has to do with that topic anymore. If it comes on I am turning the channel. Hmm maybe I will shoot my favorite shows an email and share my opinion.. Uhh maybe not.. Would much rather spend the rest of my day getting ready for Christmas!!!! Woo Hoo to that!!

Happy Holidays all.... Good luck with the rest of your shopping...

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